Japan to Build Their Own Mr.Data?

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 22, 2011 in Science, Tech |

 Japanese Data figure (small)

Japan recently announced that they’re considering sending a talking humanoid robot to the International Space Station in 2013.  In addition to offering companionship, and being generally creepy — it’s suppose to monitor the astronauts while they sleep — it’ll communicate with Earth via twitter, where it’ll tweet images to its followers on the ground. Sadly, I don’t think the robot will posess super-human strength, or any form of self-awareness. After all, I doubt Japan has any cyberneticists capable of crafting the appropriate positronic components.

Of course, we’ve already tried something similar with NASA’s “Robonaut” R-2 program. Unlike Japan’s robot however, ours sounds far more practical. Obviously, the name was a nod to the R2 units from Star Wars, despite having a head and arms like C-3PO and interestingly enough, the R-2 functions like a maintenance droid. This, of course, begs the question — why is it that a protocol droid needs arms and legs, yet R2 units lack opposable thumbs? Something about that just doesn’t sit right with me.


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