At Least Red Skull Looked Decent

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With the upcoming release of Captain America: The First Avenger, I felt we should take a moment to reflect on the Captain’s previous bid for box office gold — probably because it wasn’t much of a box office bid in the first place. Few of you probably remember 1990’s Captain America, seeing as it it never receieved a domestic theatrical release. those of you who have seen it probably were unlucky enough to stumble across a copy at your local Blockbuster — you know, those places people used to go to rent films. 

The film a few decent actors, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox, but that didn’t do much to salvage the film. It suffered from a terrible script, cheap special effects, poor costumes and shoddy acting on the part practically everyone else involved. It’s no wonder it took Marvel so long to give it another go — though, to be fair, it was arguably sooner than the 46 years between that and the 1944 itteration, with the original being a far better movie by all accounts.

At least they spared Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger the embarassment of having to wear that costume. Apparently both were considered for the role of Captain America but Lundgren went with The Punisher, while Schwarzenegger… well, you try to imagine Steve Rogers with that accent.

Captain America 1990 1

Captain America 1990 2

Captain America 1990 3


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