Bradbury’s Advice to Pretty Much Everybody

Posted by Michael Sacco on Apr 2, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections |

Bradbury's Letter

William Stanhope, a schoolteacher, wrote venerable sci-fi author Ray ¬†Bradbury in 1991 asking him to describe an obstacle he had faced in his lifetime and how he overcame it. Bradbury eventually replied, and his response is recorded in this letter now being auctioned by RR Auction. Bradbury describes the moment when he destroyed his Buck Rogers comic strips after a classmate made fun of him, and his realization that his interests helped enrich his life. His resolution? Collect more Buck Rogers, of course! His advice, “love what YOU love,” is great for just about anybody, not just schoolkids or sci-fi fans. Me, I’d do pretty much anything Ray Bradbury told me to do. As long as it wasn’t burning books.

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