Kawaii Cartoon Canines: Our Favorite Anime and Manga Dogs

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As you can see from all of the nin-dogs surrounding Kakashi, dogs are known as “man’s best friend” — and as such they’re very well represented in anime and manga from Japan. Here’s a list of some of our all time favorites:

Akamaru of naruto

Akamaru from Naruto: As a nin-dog to Kiba, this pooch better be on his best behavior to assist in battles and missions. From his abilities, Akamaru fulfills that just fine!


Antoinette from Ouran High School Host Club: The scenes with this incredible Golden Retriever is few and far between, but with a hyperactive owner like Tamaki, can Antoinette compete? Yes she can!

black_hayateBlack hayate from full metal alchemist

Black Hayate from Full Metal Alchemist: With an owner like Lt Riza Hawkeye, this popular Japanese owned Shiba Inu pup, better be on his four paws attention!

Shishi-maru from ninja hattori kun

Shishimaru from Ninja-Hattori-Kun: He functions as Hattori-kun’s nin-dog. Shishimaru is on his best behavior unless certain things happen, a trail of sausage rolls or the appearance of his nin-cat enemy, Kagechiyo!


Soichiro-san from Maison Ikkoku: Named in memory of a dead man, Soichiro is possibly a dumb mutt, but since he brings the inhabitants of Maison Ikkoku companionship can you hold it against him?

Tadakichi-san from azumaga daioh

Tadakichi-san from Azumaga Daioh: Giving rides to his beloved Chiyo-chan, Tadakichi-san is such a faithful, gentle and patient dog in spite of Mayaa’s territorial claims.


Inu Yasha from Inu Yasha: Though a half-dog demon, Inu Yasha shows off his dog tendencies with Kagome shouting “Sit!” How obedient… ^_^


Gabriel from Ghost in the Shell Innocence: When your owner is a cyborg, expressions and emotions are hard to convey, but with actions from this beagle, it brings color in this reality to another whole new level.


Ein from Cowboy Bebop: Stuck with a crew as lawless as bounty hunters should be, and stuck with a brain as intelligent as a genius. Ein is pretty content with being a pooch for Ed, and a ham to the others.


Heen from Howl’s Moving Castle: Assisting the queen in being a spy is sure hard for this mop, but he finds lasting friendships and love with the inhabitants of the Moving Castle!

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