Don’t Expect a New Star Trek TV Series Any Time Soon

Posted by Michael Sacco on Apr 9, 2011 in Star Trek, Television |

Jonathan Frakes

You’d think with the sudden re-popularity of the Star Trek series that someone would be rushing to put the series back on the airwaves after a six-year absence, but not so, according to Jonathan Frakes, who played Riker on The Next Generation. He said he developed a new Trek series for TV, but the suits at Paramount turned it down, along with previous ideas from William Shatner and Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller, saying that they didn’t want to oversaturate the media with it like they had in the past. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing that they think that way now, since it’ll let the movies breathe a little and reestablish the fandom. Not that I wouldn’t love a new (and this is important, good) Trek series on the tube, of course.

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