Manga Worth Meowing About: Our Favorite Cartoon Cats from Japan

Posted by Linda Yau on Apr 11, 2011 in Animation, Comic Books |


Cats, cats, cats… you can be allergic to them in real life, but what about an animated or a drawn version cats, either in the form of mascots or characters? Take a look at this selection of cats, and be prepared to be a gooey puddle at the end. Shown above is Nekobus from My Neighbor Totoro — and here are a few of our other favorites:

president aria

President Aria from Aria: From the way he reacts to his environment, enough to melt your heart with his antics.


Maya from Azumaga Daioh: Although Maya threatens so many people around it, just staring at its face, should be a feline dream.


Nyanko-sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends: Sarcastic-wise cracking fat guardian, definitely something to want to hold and cry cute!


Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service: Loyal familiar to Kiki, his wholesome reactions, and tiny body is enough to melt hearts.


Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home: Chi is a kitten, and all things consider as you watch her adventures growing up, it is a definite cute alert! 

What's Michael — the manga cat

Michael from What’s Michael?, an orange American Shorthair tabby cat.


Technically Doraemon is really a robot cat — but still one of our favorites!

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