Star Trek New Frontier Finally Resumes This Month

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 13, 2011 in Star Trek |

New Frontier Blind Man's Bluff

It’s been nearly two years, but fans of Peter David’s on-going series Star Trek: New Frontier may finally get their hands on his latest novel in the series. The book, entitled Blind Man’s Bluff, had originally been announced back in 2009 and initially scheduled for publication around June of 2010. By January, the book had been removed from the schedule entirely sparking fears that the series may have been cancelled entirely before being rescheduled for January 2011. Delayed yet again, the book is currently scheduled for release at the end of April and this time, it looks like it’s happening.

Unlike the other Trek series in the Pocket Books universe, the writing behind New Frontier rests solely in the hands of Peter David. While he has agreed to share his characters with others, the official entries in the series are penned by David himself, allowing him a bit more freedom in terms of creativity. Unfortunately that also contributes to the wait between novels. It may have been two years, but at least we know it’ll probably be worth it. Blind Man’s Bluff should hit shelves in trade paperback on April 26th. It’ll also be available as an ebook at participating retailers.

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