Ye Gods! HBO to Produce a Gaiman Favorite for TV

Posted by Michael Sacco on Apr 15, 2011 in Television |

American Gods

If you’re a genre reader, you’ve probably read Neil Gaiman’s work, whether Good Omens, his fan-favorite book with Terry Pratchett, or his recently-a-motion-picture kids’ tale Coraline. And if you’re a fan, as most of his readers are, then the news that HBO is in talks to pick up his bestselling novel American Gods to produce as a TV series will likely excite you to the very core. The source material — a battle between the old gods from various countries and faiths and the new “American gods” of technology, consumption, and celebrity — is perfect for HBO, and even better for a TV show. No worrying about it fitting in a single film or even miniseries. As long as it can avoid the fate of a certain other fantastical HBO show, anyway.

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