Superman Really is an Alien Now

Posted by Michael Sacco on May 1, 2011 in Comic Books |

Superman renounces citizenship

Well, I mean, he’s always been an alien in the colloquial sense, with the whole “being from another planet” thing, but in the latest issue of Action Comics (specifically #900) Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship. Supes, who grew up as the American boy Clark Kent before taking up the Superman mantle, has historically been an American icon, the ultimate immigrant success story, but this issue (written by Batman Begins scribe David Goyer) sees him get fed up with being viewed as an instrument of U.S. policy. It’s a pretty interesting turn even for Superman, and I suppose at this point Superman really belongs to the world more than just the U.S., but he has always represented the best of our national ideals, like some kind of alien Captain America. Hopefully this’ll turn out better than Straczynski’s mopey small-scale Superman story did.

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