Peter Parker’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jun 26, 2011 in Comic Books |

Death of Spider-Man

With great power comes great sacrifice! Brian Michael Bendis wrote Peter Parker’s origins in the Ultimate Spider-Man series, one of the arguably more successful forays into Marvel’s Ultimate continuity, so it’s only fitting that he also got to write … the end of Peter Parker?! That’s right: Marvel has officially killed Peter Parker in the Ultimate universe as of Ultimate Spider-Man #160. So what’s next for Ultimate Spidey? A new hero and a new costume, though Marvel is mum on the details, will appear in the Ultimate Comics Fallout series in August, with a reappearance in Ultimate Spider-Man #161 to follow. While Bendis insists that Parker is deader than dead in this continuity, fans of the web-slinger can still catch his adventures in The Amazing Spider-Man, which is ongoing.

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