SyFy’s “Alphas” Nabs Edward R. Murrow

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jun 3, 2011 in Television |


Well, not the real one, given that he’s dead and all, but SyFy’s upcoming kinda-sorta-superhero team drama does star James Strathairn, who made a splash playing Murrow in Goodnight and Good Luck. Strathairn was easily my favorite part of that movie, and it’s admittedly a little surprising that SyFy managed to nab someone of his caliber to headline their show. If you don’t like good films or TV (which incidentally makes you SyFy’s target audience), then you’ll probably recognize Bones‘ Mr. Nigel-Murray himself, Ryan Cartwright, in the show’s cast. Check out the first promo art for Alphas right up there.

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