Canada’s Space TV Gets Fanboy Confessional Special

Posted by Gia Manry on Jul 11, 2011 in Fandom, Television |

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When I heard about this news, I went over to the U.S. SyFy Channel’s schedule and saw that the cable network is showing the three original Indiana Jones flicks, National Treasure, and six hours of Hollywood Treasure, a reality show about a team of Californians who acquire and resell props and other memorabilia. Blech. Meanwhile, Canada’s Space TV is getting a reality show spotlighting actual fans.

WTF, SyFy.

Yes, Space TV is creating a reality show about geeks of a less professional nature than SyFy’s show: Fanboy Confessional, a special consisting of six 30-minute episodes revolving around, at risk of sounding snotty, real fans. Granted, they’re the stand-out fans— a guy who wears a mask while helping out the homeless, a woman who arranges zombie walk “fiend-raisers” for charity, and others. The show launches on July 13.

Seriously? This sounds pretty fun— a reality show that focuses on the positive things that fans do with their fandoms? On how geeks can be productive members of society who don’t just sit in their parents’ basements all day every day?

So what’s up, SyFy? You keep adapting the cool things done in other countries. How about a Fanboy Confessional: America? Get going already! (Update: Fanboy Confessional‘s director, Michael McNamara, gave me a heads-up that the show also features some American fans, so SyFy wouldn’t have to make their own and could just air it outright. I can dream…but knowing SyFy’s content decisions, I won’t hold my breath!)

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