Circle Worthy: An Informal List of Great Geeks on Google+

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 18, 2011 in Fandom, Tech |

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It’s funny I somehow assumed that the rock stars who had conquered Twitter would move onto Google+ and do the same exact thing — but that simply isn’t the case. From my small time playing with this new service I’ve noticed a few folks who are really going the extra mile to use the site to say something interesting and to really make their mark. This isn’t by any means a scientific or comprehensive list, but here are some of the more interesting folks I’ve come across on Google+ so far:

Geeky Bloggers and Websites

Peter Sciretta
Blogger at

Scott Beale
Blogger at Laughing Squid

Comic Books and Illustration

Scott McCloud
Comics Artist

Danny Hellman
Illustrator and Cartoonist

Leif Peng
Illustrator and Cartoonist

Matthew Inman
The Oatmeal


Deb Aoki
Manga Journalist

W. Kaijyu
Anime Blogger

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber
Manga Editor


Kara Swisher
Tech Jouranlist

Jason Calacanis

Om Malik
Tech Journalist

Loren Feldman
Tech Humorist and Videographer

Chris Brogan
Social Media Marketing

Interesting People and Digital Curators

Lorraine Hopping Egan
Game Designer

Reagan H
Digital Curator whos posts interesting pictures

Kenichi Ishibashi
Digital Curator who posts interesting pictures

Digital Curator who posts interesting pictures

Homebaby Wen Orz
Digital Curator who posts interesting pictures

And of course here is where you can find me:

Michael Pinto


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