Origami USA: A Paper Folding Paradise

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Toward the last weekend in the month of June in New York City, the annual Origami USA convention took place. Occurring since 1962, Origami USA is a convention for paper folders and enthusiasts alike. This year’s guest of honor was Toshikazu Kawasaki who is world famous among paper folders for creating what is known as the Kawasaki Rose, a particular life like rose formed from a grid and a series of turns. The image above is from Herng Yi Cheung, a folder from Singapore while the image below is an example from Mr. Kawasaki himself.

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The convention began on Friday and ended on Monday with classes for convention attendees, an interaction space, and activities for convention goers.

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This Totoro was taught in one class.

There were attendance and participation from many states of the United States, over 10 different countries. The convention was open to anyone who had membership with OUSA, however for two days though, on Saturday and Sunday the public was given access to an exhibition space where many local, national or international origami folders showcased works.

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This large paper Tyrannosaurus rex took a prominent place in the center of the Exhibition.

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Beth Johnson’s work was one exhibit that I have enjoyed at the exhibition room.

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This pair of gnomes were at the table attributed to the late Eric Joisel.

Whether it was paper, or fabric or jewelery, anything that is considered presentable was showcased.  Here are some snapshots. So please take a look here and there.

On Sunday there was an oversize folding event that had the participation and viewing of interested audiences. Even Mr. Kawasaki got into folding, his work is on the right next to the monster face that won second place in the show. When he presented his folded modular, Mr. Kawasaki pulled a Goku move, that asked for support and acknowledgment for Japan from the audience.

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Now even though the time for OUSA convention has come to an end, there is always going to be regional events for origami folders and interested people. In late July there is going to be Origami Heaven which is in Long Island, or at Centerfold, at the end of August in Ohio. At the end of September, Pacific Coast Origami USA in Bellevue, WA as Origami USA’s western counterpart is going to happened. Also if you happen to go to any of the anime conventions, perhaps there is a workshop demonstrating origami paper. If not then there are always books, and other sources to direct your path.


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