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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 12, 2011 in Animation, Fandom |

SR'ES Rainbow One Piece T-Shirts Logo

Check out these wicked One Piece punk rock tees from Japanese clothing label Project SR’ES. While I still admit that I’m not the worlds largest One Piece fan, I have to admit the show has led to plenty of interesting fashion. The Tony Tony Chopper tee in particular stikes me as not only sleek and adorably awesome, but incredibly wearable. I can’t really say that much for most of the anime-themed clothing on the market. The real issue is that I’m pretty sure we’ll never get a chance to order these in the US. While the clothing label was established in Honolulu back in 2000, all that remains domestically is a US show room. Their business operation primarily resides in Japan. On top of that, most of the clothing sizes are Japanese, meaning that even though I wear an American medium or large, I’d be forced to hunt for a Japanese extra large and even then, there’s no guarantee it’ll fit comfortably. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a few of them floating around eBay. If you’d like a closer look, head over to the Oricon Store for more photos.

SR'ES Rainbow One Piece T-Shirts 2

SR'ES Rainbow One Piece T-Shirts 3

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