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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 26, 2011 in Animation |

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This summer, Funimation Channel launched a viral campaign encouraging anime fans to contact their local cable providers to request Funimation’s 24-hour cable network. At last month’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, I noticed they were even handing out gifts to con-goers who made the call in front of them. It might seem a bit cheap, but the cause is just. It’s a fact that Cable companies won’t bat an eye unless they see a reasonable demand for a service. I admit I like their approach, but unfortunately I find myself questioning how effective this method could be. According to one spokesperson for the company, several cable providers had reached a point where they were simply hanging up on the callers during the convention. On top of that, how impressive could a weekend of calls really be? If you really want to do your part, I suggest everyone actually take the time to call your local cable providers and make the request at your own leisure. It stands to reason that a steady demand would look far more impressive than a proverbial flash-mob. Don’t you agree?

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