A Sonic Screwdriver That Actually Screws

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 31, 2011 in Dr. Who |


I’ve been wanting my own sonic screwdriver for awhile but I’ve been having trouble deciding on which model to go with. While I love slick silver design of  Eccleston and Tennant’s model, it lacks the nifty little claw grip. On the other hand, Smith’s has a bit too much bronze for me. I suppose I could have just bought the interchangeable model that Michael mentioned the other month, but then it dawned it on me — what good is a sonic screwdriver if it doesn’t actually work? It won’t stop a Christmas tree from spinning out of control, or open a locked door at the touch of a button, but this sonic screwdriver screwdriver might do the trick! In addition to being a perfect replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s screwdriver, it comes with an interchangeable phillips and flat-head attachments, allowing you to actually use it to fix things. Brilliant, right? The best part, is that it only retails for $30, that’s only $5 more than the standard replica. Better yet, it still lights up and buzzes. Head over to ThinkGeek to order yours today.

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