Ridley Scott Set to Ruin His Blade Runner Legacy

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 19, 2011 in Cinema |

Blade Runner

Ridley Scott is not just a brilliant director but a great storyteller — and to me that’s why him trying to make a new Blade Runner film is a waste of time. What made Blade Runner so brilliant was that Scott made it in the early 80s when everyone’s idea of science fiction was Star Wars. While Alien was a bleak film, it still had that off in the distant future feeling to it — on the other hand Blade Runner seemed like something that could take in your lifetime. And the film drove home that point by making use of 40s film noir and punk rock.

Terry Gilliam's Brazil

The film wasn’t a smash it at the box office, but it changed the genre of science fiction films. Terry Gillian came out with the film Brazil which owed a great deal to retro futurism — and of course the TV series Max Headroom also owed a great deal to Ridley Scott’s direction (and let’s not forget Robocop too!). Something else also happened as a result of that film: Hollywood discovered the author Phillip K. Dick. And over the next few years quite a few films came out based upon his work.

Philip K Dick and Ridley Scott

So it’s sad to me that Ridley Scott is looking to the past instead of the future. Part of what made that film so great was Phillip K. Dick — and it would be a mistake to try and channel him for another chapter in this story. Granted I’m sure Scott will make a beautiful film, but the story can’t be on the level of the original material that he had to work with. And what kills me is that science fiction as a film genre can use a hard kick in the ass right now: Instead of looking back at franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who imagine if Hollywood did something new for a change?


In fact I’d rather see Ridley Scott remake a really old classic like Metropolis or This Island Earth rather than relive the 80s. Of course like that lame Tron flick you’ll find me and every other fanboy on line on opening night — but sadly with our tickets in hand we’ll be there to relive our lost youth instead of dreaming about the future in a bold new way.


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