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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 4, 2011 in Tech |

Lootiful iPwn!4 Gameboy Case 1

I love my iPhone, but I really wish it had a notch for a phone charm. I suppose a charm might not be the manliest thing, but it always helped me keep track of it whenever I’d have to rummage through my pockets. These days, I go for the next best thing, swapping out cases. I’m not sure how many different iPhone cases I own at this point, but sometimes I just come across one that I absolutely must have, like this sweet little case from the guys at Lootiful. The iPWN! 4 case is a slick little nod to the original GameBoy. It’s made from a thin but durable polycarbonate material that weighs less than an ounce, and the best part? Easy button access. That has to be my number one gripe about any case for the iPhone 4 and they’ve got it covered.

They produced a limited edition case with an Apple logo on the back (pictured above) rather than just a blank screen, but you probably won’t come across one for sale — not a huge deal, if you ask me. Instead you’ll have to settle for the standard edition (pictured below). Oddly enough, they claim the case fits AT&T models perfectly, but for whatever reason, they’re not recommending using it with a Verizon model. Can’t imagine why, though I’ve never compared the two.  Still, if you’re interested, you can preorder the case for $17.99 and it should ship by August 20th. They’re also working on a case for the iPad 2, but they haven’t announced any other details at this time.

Lootiful iPwn!4 Gameboy Case 3

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