Dragon Quest Collection; a Trailer Draws Near!

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Sep 1, 2011 in Videogames |

With all the amazing games on the market, I occasionally find myself craving a classic like Dragon Quest. There’s just something I find nostalgic about having to open a sub-menu just to climb stairs or unlock chests. Then, there’s being able to relax while I take turns wailing on monsters who are unlucky enough to cross my path. The whole experience really brings you back. Well, Japanese gamers are in for a treat when Square Enix releases the Dragon Quest Collection for the Nintendo Wii this September. To celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, they went ahead and included the original Famicom versions of Dragon Quest I, II and III, as well as the Super Famicom remakes.

The remakes will also include special animated cutscenes (pictured below.) They’re also expected to toss in a teaser trailer for Dragon Quest X. Unfortunately, Square Enix has let Nintendo of America publish its previous Dragon Quest re-releases in North America and with their recent track record of failing to localize major Square Enix titles like Xenoblade and The Last Story, we might never see it released stateside. Still, we can always hope.

Dragon Quest Collection 1

Dragon Quest Collection 2

Dragon Quest Collection 3

Dragon Quest Collection 4

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