Hours with Yuruppy! Your Cute Virutal Pet!

Posted by Linda Yau on Sep 5, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Tech |

Yuruppy is a word that may sound strange, but in the context of a toy, perhaps not so strange. If you know what Tamagochi then learning about another new word is not problem. Yuruppy is a virtual pet toy for the people who are allergic to real animals, but want to experience what it is like of taking care of a feline or furry companion. Unlike Tamagochi though, your Yuruppy friend won’t die, when you are away from it for hours.

This is a touch screen gadget that has the owner playing with their virtual pet in a variety of 14 mini-games, that facilitate its eating, entertainment and hygiene levels. Sounds similar to Nintendogs from Nintendo? This is a similar pet caring game. If you happen to find this game cute, then you can definitely play with your friends. On all four sides of the Yuruppy unit there are magnetic nodes that has an option of connecting with other Yuruppy gadgets. There is an option for a kitty, puppy or chick. So you can stack up to 21 of these toys together and have a party. Though this is a Japanese game, this is a game that can be purchased via Amazon.

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