MacFarlane Could End Family Guy; Wants More Trek

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 13, 2011 in Star Trek, Television |

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast on Family Guy

While it’s unlikely he’ll just end the show on a whim, Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane believes the show may have ran its course — at least, on television. In a recent interview with THR, he admitted that the show should have probably ended after its seventh season but believes the series could make the transition to feature films. While I’m sure a few of you might think the series should have ended long before that, Macfarlane seems to think seven is some kind of magic number. If you recall, every recent Star Trek series, with the exception of Enterprise, ran for only seven seasons each. Speaking of which, MacFarlane also mentioned that he’d love to try his hand at relaunching the Star Trek television franchise; not as an animated series, but as a live-action show. He seemed to have an idea for the series, but wasn’t sure who he’d have to pitch it to, or if they’d even consider giving him the time of day. Still, with the success of the recent film, you’d think a new series wouldn’t be completely out of the question, right? I guess that’ll be for Paramount or CBS to decide.

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