Everyone Needs a Sonic Screwdriver

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 10, 2011 in Dr. Who |

Sony likes to joke that their PS3 can do everything. Clearly, they’ve never seen a Sonic Screwdriver. I always thought the Doctor seemed a little too quick to pull one out, but after sitting through this hilarious short, maybe I should give him more credit. After all, if he were to just “sonic” everything in sight, Doctor Who would become the least climatic show on television. You may as well just watch paint dry. Still, the video makes a good point, even if they never really intended to — Sonic Screwdrivers are awesome, and science needs to make them happen, ASAP.

Sonic Screwdriver short 2

Sonic Screwdriver short

Sonic Screwdriver short 3

[found via geekout]

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