Frederik Pohl is a National Treasure

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Donald A. Wollheim, Milton A. Rothman, Frederik Pohl, John B. Michel and Will Sykora in 1936.

How many can say that attended the first science fiction convention that was ever held, were part of the first generation of great science fiction authors and are around today and blogging about it? That honor would go to Frederik Pohl who will celebrate his 92nd birthday today! Show above is a photo from the first science fiction convention in 1936 — Frederik Pohl is the gentleman in the center. To celebrate his birthday here are a number of cool vintage covers of his (and his co-authors) books:

Frederik Pohl Alternating Currents 1956

Frederik Pohl: Alternating Currents from 1956

Frederik Pohl A Plague of Pythons 1965

Frederik Pohl: A Plague of Pythons from 1965

Frederik Pohl The Abominable Earthman 1963

Frederik Pohl: The Abominable Earthman from 1963

Frederik Pohl Tomorrow Times Seven 1959

Frederik Pohl: Tomorrow Times Seven from 1959

Frederik Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth Presidential Year 1956

Frederik Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth: Presidential Year from 1956

Frederik Pohl Drunkard's Walk 1960

Frederik Pohl: Drunkard’s Walk from 1960


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