12 Cool Calendars from Japan for 2012

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 7, 2011 in Animation, Anime |

2012 Calendar -- Pixiv

What I love about calendars from Japan is that it gives you that something different — something fanboy to look at all year. This season we we handpicked the dozen most interesting annuals from a wide ranging funky field of subject matter. Shown above is the Pixiv calendar, which features anime styled artwork from one of the best amateur illustration sites in Japan.

2012 Desktop Calendar -- Totoro Bus Stop in a Rainy Day

Being huge Hayao Miyazaki fans this 3D desktop calendar caught our eyes — it’s a Totoro Bus Stop on a Rainy Day calendar.

2012 Calendar -- I AM MARU ~ Maru chan

You’ve spent way too many hours wasting time look at Maru play with boxes on YouTube, so why not let her hang out in your home with this I AM MARU calendar.

2012 Calendar -- All That's Ultraman

If you’re an old school fan of live action Japanese TV there’s no one better to share your office with than Ultraman — and this calendar is aptly called All That’s Ultraman.

2012 Desktop Calendar -- Puella Magi Madoka Magca

Puella Magi Madoka Magca is one of the hottest new school anime shows this year — and kawaii desktop calendar is a great way to get Madoka and her friends to hang out next to your computer.

Saber Tooth Cats 4 Shirow Masamune Calendar 2012 Limited Edition

Masamune Shirow is the artist who created Ghost in the Shell — this calendar celebrates his most dangerous women, thus the title Saber Tooth Cats 4.

2012 Calendar -- Persona4

This calendar is for Persona 4 which started life in Japan as a videogame and is now an anime series that is currently on the air.

2012 Calendar -- One Piece

This One Piece calendar appealed to our inner pirate.

K-ON! Houkago Tea Time 2012 Kyoani Calendar

K-ON! is an anime series about cute girls in a band, and this calendar allows you to share tea time with them.

Chi's Sweet Home 2012 Calendar

Vertical has done a nice job of bringing the Chi’s Sweet Home to America, so if you fancy cat themed manga this calendar is the cat’s meow.

2012 Calendar -- THE DOG ALL STAR

Of course if you’re not a cat person (shame on you!) this calendar for The Dog All-Star would be very fetching. Arf! Arf!

Capcom Heros Calendar 2012

And lastly old school videogame fanboys will get a kick out of the Capcom Heros 2012 Calendar.

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