Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster Reminds You, Yes, It’s Still Real

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 16, 2011 in Cinema |

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter header

I was skeptical when a movie adaption of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was announced. Sure, it made for a fun book, but let’s face it, so much gets lost in translation when most books hop over to the big screen. I’m honestly surprised this film got much of a budget at all, given how terrified many studios seem to be of new ideas. Why make something original (well, an adaption of something original) when you can churn out another sequel? The answer is simple, I think: vampires.

And there are no vampires in this poster. Just Lincoln himself, slouched in dramatic fashion with his axe in hand. We’ll have to wait until a trailer shows up to see how the movie will be handled, but here’s hoping they go for a pulpy, entertaining route rather than the more serious path. Because, come on, there’s no way to make this concept serious. The posters were revealed exclusively by IGN.

AL:VH poster 1

AL:VH poster 2

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