Breaking: Rory & Amy Pond’s Swan Song

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 15, 2011 in Dr. Who |

Karen Gillan

It’s a sad day for fans of The Doctor’s latest companions, Amy & Rory. At a Doctor Who press screening in London today, series producer Steven Moffat confirmed our fears when he announced that the Doctor would be moving on next season with a “new friend,” stating “The final days of the ponds are coming.”

Suffice to say, They’ll both be missed dearly. Amy Pond captured my heart with her stunning looks and bold determination, but perhaps I’ll miss Rory even more. Not only did he speak for the audience, we watched as his character grew from being insecure and timid to perhaps the most faithful and stalwart companion to date. He also didn’t give any details regarding the next potential companion but I’m really hoping he gives Craig Owens or River another crack at it in the series to come.

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