Complete Studio Ghibli Restrospective Running at the IFC Center

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Given the reputation of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli as a whole, it’s sometimes surprising how little theatrical attention is given to their work. Luckily, GKIDS is bringing the entire Studio Ghibli catalog (minus their latest two, Arrietty the Borrower and Up On Poppy Hill) to New York’s IFC Center starting next week, December 16th. There’s something to be said for watching these films on the big screen – quite frankly, I’d say it’s the best way. But what if New York is a little too far? GKIDS is also planning a tour of several US and Canadian cities, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. Given the chance to see almost every Ghibli film ever in theaters, I’d hope many people at least take the time to support GKIDS efforts to release many of these, because a) they’re on new 35mm prints, and b) some of them have not gotten theatrical releases in the west yet. This is definitely not an event to miss!

Most of the films will be shown in both dubbed and subbed versions, except for Castle in the Sky, The Ocean Waves (both subtitle only), Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo (which will be dub only). Advance tickets can be purchased online at GKIDS website. The retrospective will finish up on January 12th, and then move on to other cities throughout the rest of early 2012.

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