Mega64: The Best Skyrim Fan Film

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 31, 2011 in Videogames |


Let me preface this post with with a note: I really enjoy Skyrim. I think it’s an incredibly fun game, weighed down by poor optimisation and tons of bugs. The fact that an entire version of the game (PS3) becomes virtually unplayable after a length of time is ridiculous. That said, it’s good to laugh, and Mega64’s recent Skyrim-themed “fan film” (and I’m using those quotes heavily) is pretty funny, if one-note.

While glitches and people falling into the floor can be laughed away, when it starts to hinder your game experience as a whole something is wrong. When after playing for 10 hours, your PS3 save file causes the game’s frame rate to drop into the single digits, something is wrong. Sadly, it seems that Bethesda placed their release date too close to comfort and ended up with a rushed, buggy product (not that this hasn’t happened before, though). Place me into the camp of people that don’t understand the constant fawning over a game that is frequently broken. Is the game still fun? Yes. But is it’s current state acceptable (particularly on PS3)? No.

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