Is Kindle Exclusivity a Game Changer?

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 11, 2012 in Tech |

Nook vs Kindle

Recently, over 60,000 free ebooks were removed from the Nook’s digital bookstore, and fewer titles are appearing every day. Why, might you ask? It’s not Barnes & Noble’s fault, but Amazon could have something to do with it. It should come as no surprise, especially considering their history of aggressive marketing and bully-boy tactics, but Amazon recently negotiated a deal with authors, offering to instantly add their novels to the Kindle’s lending library in exchange for their exclusivity.

Naturally, that exclusivity effects more than just the Nook. Other vendors will undoubtedly find themselves lacking new titles, making the Kindle the premiere ebook reader. Crafty users will still find ways to obtain their books, but for those of us who prefer the convenience of built-in digital bookstores, we might be out of luck.

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