My Little Pony Fandom Steps Out of the Stable

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 5, 2012 in Animation |

My Little Pony

When I first came across the Bronies my first thought was “this has to be some sort of 4chan scam”. But then I started following them on Google+ and was shocked to see a wealth of amazing humor and a fan culture that in many ways reminded me of shows like Ren and Stimpy in the 90s. Yet I still thought of this as some fringe movement lurking in the dark corners of comic cons — however then I stumbled upon BroNYCon and was blown out of the water!


BroNYCon will be taking place this Saturday and I assumed that it was some sort of small scale event, but then I looked at the website and was amazed. Firstly all of the advanced tickers have been sold out, next looking at the programming they actually have several voice actors (example: Andrea Libman the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) from the show and then thirdly they have several tracks of programming including an artist’s alley. Mind you that this has been all organized by the fans who also have a Meetup group as well.

My Little Pony

To give you some perspective on this there hasn’t been a standalone anime convention in NYC since New York Comic Con swallowed the New York Anime Festival about two years ago. And keep in mind that New York Comic Con is run by professionals, nota bunch of fans who have days jobs. So having a convention in NYC is a real sign that a fandom has come of age, so be warned world: You’ll be seeing more My Little Pony fandom in the next few years.


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