Star Wars Uncut, For Fans by Fans

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 26, 2012 in Fandom, Star Wars |

It’s been nearly two years since I first wrote about Star Wars Uncut, the full-length feature consisting entirely of 15 second homemade clips in an attempt to recreate Episode IV: A New Hope as it was meant to be told, complete with campy acting and low-budget special effects. Personally I found the film to be equally hilarious, and painful to watch, but the very concept remains brilliant.  Recently, director Casey Pugh made a special directors cut available to stream online in its entirety. Funny, you’d think a film touting itself as being “uncut,” would, by definition, be the directors cut — I wonder how that works.  You can watch it here, but for more information on the project, check out their official site here.

Star Wars Uncut

[via movieviral]

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