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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 16, 2012 in Tech, Videogames |

Fling Joysticks 1

I love the concept of tablet gaming, I really do, but like many of you, I find the touch controls absolutely maddening at times. This is especially true for any game or app that requires the use of a directional pad. Thankfully, the chaps at Ten One Design could read my mind. Introducing the Fling Joystick and Fling mini — a simple analog nub that sticks to your tablet, or smartphone and holds in place via small translucent suction cups.

Fling Joysticks 2

The clear plastic design prevents the nubs from being to obstructive, while the nubs themselves deliver the precision one would demand from a traditional control surface. As pictured, the nubs fit perfectly on iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad, but something tells me the people who stand to benefit the most from these are running emulators on their Android devices. I have yet to run into an emulator that doesn’t rely heavily on a virtual D-pad.

A single Fling Joystick nub for full-sized tablets will run you $19.95, and is available in two other colors in addition to the translucent original; two packs are available $29.95. The Fling mini is only available as a dual pack but retails for just $24.95. If you need help figuring out which size would best fit your device, their online store has a widget at the bottom to better assist.

Fling Joysticks 3

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