Third Riddick Film Actually Happening?

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 21, 2012 in Cinema |


The third Riddick film has had some hard times. Financial problems and, you know, not having a studio supporting you can definitely negatively affect things when you’re trying to make a movie. Vin Diesel is certainly persistent though, and working with writer and director David Twohy they’re struggling to get this film off the ground. We heard production would start up again, sometime back in November, but I still had my doubts. Now it looks like things really are happening, as Vin Diesel posted an image on Facebook of him in full costume.

This project really seems to be a labor of love for Vin Diesel. Despite The Chronicles of Riddick not being very good, I still have to love the guy for putting so much effort into getting his film made. It promises to be a return to the stylings of Pitch Black, which would certainly be welcome. Let’s hope this film can actually make it through production, small budget and all.

Seen via /Film.

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