Brock Baker Dubs Star Wars

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 28, 2012 in Fandom, Star Wars |

YouTube voice-over extraordinaire Brock Baker recently uploaded his abridged dub for Star Wars: Episode IV. It’s mostly silly, but hilarious at times and definitely not safe for work. While I chuckled here and there throughout, nothing really beats his Chewbacca. I’m not sure why it’s so good, and I’m not even sure you’ll love it too, but I can promise it’s not what you’d expect. Still, he must be doing something right because after 8,200 people “liked” the video, he only managed to rack up 150 “dislikes.” Most impressive, considering the material. If you dig it, check out his YouTube Channel for more.

Star Wars Episode IV Logo

Star Wars Episode IV Snapshots

Star Wars Episode IV Snapshots 2

Star Wars Episode IV Snapshots 3

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