Fantastic Shaun of the Dead LEGO Model Needs Your Support

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 31, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections |


The LEGO CUUSOO site has been a big focus of the internet recently. The ability to vote up neat ideas to become official LEGO sets is too cool to pass up for many, so we’ve seen an explosion of popularity, especially with the recent Minecraft set. So what’s the latest? Shaun of the Dead! It’s a great model of the Winchester from the zombie film, in ‘Modular’ form which is LEGO’s line of buildings aimed at adult collectors. It needs 10,000 supporters for LEGO to begin the process to make it a set (it has around 8200 currently), so get on over to the CUUSOO site and sign up!

There’s even an official site for the model, with more images and details. LEGO has stated that if the project reaches 10,000 supports, they’re very interested it making it a model but it will still require “some significant internal discussion” about the model due to the nature of the set. It may have to be scaled down slightly to enter production, but as far as “zombies” and “violence” LEGO is a-okay with that.



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