Square Enix Rewards Deadline Looms

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Square Enix Rewards 2010

I’m sure some of you might already know about Square Enix and their annual rewards program, but for those of you who don’t, you’ll probably want to. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve opened a new game, only to pull out the disc, toss the box to the side and ignore the rest of its contents. I always justify it by thinking I don’t need a instruction manual, or that I couldn’t care less about some pre-formatted health warnings I’ve read a million times, but in doing so, I often miss that little sheet asking me to register the game. I know what you’re thinking — why bother? Find out why after the jump.

Some companies like Nintendo and Square Enix reward their loyal customers, and they reward them well. While Club Nintendo might offer sweet rewards you can redeem at any time, like statues, DLC, digital releases and more, Square Enix functions a little differently. They don’t have a market to redeem your points, but rather reward customers based on their annual point total. If you qualify for a certain tier, they sending you a corresponding prize. Those who qualify for higher tiers will also receive the prize for every tier below it.

Square Enix Product Registration Card

A few years back, top tier customers received a free 8GB iPod Touch, but last year, they received a piece of framed artwork from designer Tetsuya Nomura, featuring Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning, along with pre-order bonuses from their various releases, a carrying case, and messenger bag. While I’m not sure what they’re planning on giving to North American gamers this year, the deadline to qualify for this years prize packages is the end of the month, so head over to their official site and enter your product codes before its too late.

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