Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is Essentially Sony’s Smash Bros.

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 29, 2012 in Videogames |


That doesn’t mean it doesn’t look fun, though! Sony recently announced a new PS3 game that will finally combine all your favorite first-party Playstation characters into one fighting brawler. Wanted to have Fat Princess fight Kratos? Done. Parappa the Rapper versus Sly Cooper? It can happen. If you like the gameplay of Smash Bros. Brawl, then you’ll feel right at home here. No news on a release date yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear more at E3.

The game will have local and online multiplayer for up to four people. There will also be a single-player campaign, and numerous smaller challenge modes, once again, similar to Smash Bros. At the very least, the developers are embracing the comparisons and then doing their own thing on top of it. I’m interested in seeing how the final game turns out.




Seen via NeoGAF.


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