Tennant, Tivo and Time Travel

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 11, 2012 in Dr. Who, Television |

I truly miss David Tennant’s stint as Doctor Who‘s Tenth Doctor. He was so brilliant in that role that it actually took me awhile to accept Matt Smith as a suitable replacement — a topic that’s debated after two full seasons in the role. Recently, Tennant starred in an television ad with Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson to market their Tivo on-demand service.

The ad features Tennant admiring his body of work while Branson fidgets with a Virgin-brand time machine in the background, before accidentally falling in. It’s a cute little nod to Tennant’s time as The Doctor, but word has it the BBC is not amused.  They’ve grown more litigious in recent years, and have always been rather protective of their intellectual property. Still, I think Tennant’s fans honestly don’t care if he’s in the TARDIS,or not — they just want to more of him. I know I do.

David Tennant Tivo ad 2

David Tennant Tivo ad

David Tennant Tivo ad 3

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