Catwoman Steals Batman’s Car In New TV Spots

Posted by Ben Huber on May 25, 2012 in Cinema |

It’s nice to see some good advertising for Dark Knight Rises, especially after that terrible poster that surfaced earlier in the week. These two new TV spots aired recently, highlighting the trouble Gotham is going through and Catwoman. I’m still not totally sold on her outfit, but it certainly looks better in action than in photos. There’s also a little hint of humor as well, which is a change of tone from the previous ads as well. While the hype is nowhere near Dark Knight levels, there’s still a great sense of finality to everything we’ve seen of Rises, and I find that comforting in a way. It’ll be great to see Nolan’s Batman trilogy wrap up, I’m sure, just the way he intended. The second TV spot is after the break.


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