Latest Meat Bun Tees Feature Your Favorite Racers

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 21, 2012 in Videogames |

Donkey Kong Peel Out shirt

Meat Bun has unveiled Check Point, their latest line of gaming-inspired fashion tees. The first part of the series feature designs inspired by classic racing titles like Mario Kart, Out Run and Daytona USA. For whatever reason, there also appears to be a design called Ninja Magic featuring what I imagine would be the ninja from Shinobi on a skateboard, the only commonality being that both were incredibly popular in the 80s. That said, it’s kind of strange but awesome design.

The Mario Kart inspired tee, Peel Out, features what looks like Donkey Kong blasting a shell at an enemy. Their Daytonabot design takes the race car generally associated with Daytona USA‘s cover art and transforms it into a robot reminiscent of an Autobot from Transformers. Finally, their Passing Breeze design is clearly a reference to the selectable background music from Sega’s Out Run, with a design to match. While they’re clearly parody works, anyone familiar with these games will instantly catch the references and might even feel a bit of nostalgia. Each shirt comes in at a pricey $24 before shipping, but if you’ve got the cash to spend, it might be worth it.

Daytonabot shirt

Ninja Magic Shirt

Passing Breeze Shirt

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