Marvel Digital Comics Come Full-Circle

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 10, 2012 in Comic Books |

Marvel Digital Comic Store

I’ve always been a proponent of digital comics, so I’m pleased whenever a major publisher decides to embrace the new medium. Don’t get me wrong, I love mom & pop comic shops as well, but I’ll be perfectly honest — I have enough clutter as it is. I’d just rather keep my comic collection both clutter-free and portable at the same time. As if they read my mind, Marvel Comics recently launched their brand new digital comic store. I know what you’re saying, “Didn’t they already launch one of these last year?” Well, they did, but this one’s better, and here’s why:

Previously, Marvel’s digital selection was limited in terms of device and format, and while they’ve grown their digital catalog over the past few years to include huge arcs like Marvel’s Civil War, the X-Men:  The Dark Phoenix Saga, and House of M as well as the latest releases from popular series like Avengers vs X-Men, or The Amazing Spider-Man, having your comics spread out over various platforms made purchasing and collecting digital comics a hassle. Now, thanks to their latest digital store, fans can easily share their collections between multiple platforms. More importantly, this now includes seamless support for your Android devices. If you’ve made previous purchases through the Chrome store, or Marvel’s previous web-store, those should also transfer over. In short, it’s worth your time to check out. You can access the digital store by clicking here.

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