Spiffy Doctor Who Tees for the Ladies

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jun 27, 2012 in Dr. Who |

Her Universe Doctor Who Tees

There’s an unfortunate lack of decent Doctor Who t-shirts on the market, or at least, ones properly licensed from the BBC, but that’s been changing as of late. Starting July 11th, Her Universe will launch three new officially-licensed Doctor Who tees! As the name of the store implies, these shirts were designed exclusively for the ladies, so unless you’re looking to pick up a gift for that special someone, or happen to be fortunate (or, unfortunate) enough to fit the sizes, you guys may be out of luck.

The first shirt, the Van Gogh wide-scoop tee, features Van Gogh’s painting, as seen during the Fifth series, of the TARDIS exploding in the time vortex. The other two shirts include the Something Blue v-neck, which comes in TARDIS blue and features a sketch of the TARDIS on the bottom left. Finally, there’s the Hell in High Heels v-neck, which comes in black with a pair of stylized red heels on the bottom right — the name being a reference to The Doctor’s nickname for River Song. For more details, you can check out each shirt by clicking on their descriptions here.

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