What in the World is Going On With DC’s Justice League Film?

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 10, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books |


The Justice League is an interesting beast to tackle. Mainly because Warner Bros. can’t seem to make up their mind one way or the other what they want to do with the property. Most recently, news came out that Warner had picked Will Beall to script the Justice League film, and in fact it’s implied that this was last year this happened. So with a script finally on the way, and a new Superman film from Zack Snyder peeking over the horizon, what will Warner’s strategy be?

Obviously they’ve seen the amazing popularity of Avengers and have dreams of their own version hitting the same mark. But Marvel put a lot of work into their plan and did an incredible job of lining each film up into one big continuity – and this is much of the reason for its success. Presuming the recent Green Lantern and upcoming Superman movie are the foundation, you could see them try the same process, but Snyder acts as though his Superman will be very different from a potential League version. But would jumping headlong into a fully-packed JL film, the other option, be wise?

Frankly, DC and Warner Bros. need to make these characters lovable and interesting to audiences first before creating one big feature film. I’m more interested in seeing Nolan’s Batman in the League (even though I know this will never happen) than a new Batman because I’m familiar with him and enjoy his hilarious gruff voice. They need this level of engagement before people will care about whoever ends up being in this theoretical Justice League film. And so far, Warner Bros. seem more concerned with tiptoeing around trying to find scraps rather than go headlong for the whole feast, as Marvel did.

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