Playdead’s Limbo Gets Physical

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 3, 2012 in Videogames |

Limbo special edition

One of the artsier puzzle-based platformers to be released in recent years, Playdead’s Limbo, has finally received a physical release. Originally published as a digital-only release for Xbox Live! arcade, and later ported to steam, Limbo was met with critical acclaim and has since garnered quite a few awards while maintaining an impressive aggregate score of 90/100 on metacritic. While it’s not exactly a lengthy game, the praise its received might justify the hefty $25 price tag this physical edition carries. If that’s not enough, they’ve included a few extras to sweeten the deal. The set features a DRM-free copy of the game for both PC and Mac, a stand alone soundtrack, seven art cards, sticker, a free steam gift key and a pair of 3D glasses!

I know some of you might be wondering why you need a pair of 3D glasses, but they’re included for a reason. This special edition of Limbo actually includes a 3D mode, so those of you who may already own the game might have a reason to pick up a new copy — that is, assuming you enjoyed it enough the first time. Seeing as it’s anaglyph, you won’t need a 3D display, just a pair of  the blue/red glasses that come included. The physical copy is available exclusively via Amazon.

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