New Sailor Moon Anime Coming in 2013

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 7, 2012 in Anime |


Great news for Sailor Moon fans everywhere! At a recent event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi’s incredibly popular magical girl manga series, it was announced that a new Sailor Moon anime will be released in 2013. While details are vague, we do know it is a broadcast anime, and that they plan to release it around the world simultaneously. Momoiro Clover Z will perform the theme song, as well. Sounds like great news for fans everywhere!

My only concern (and this is more on the broad scale of anime news), is that we’re seeing so many adaptions of older properties in the past few weeks (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sailor Moon, etc). While this isn’t bad per se, as we know these are great series already, I’m hoping that this isn’t showing that the industry is becoming even more conservative in its choices. However, at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Seen via ANN.


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