Microsoft Thinks The World Needs Another Zombie Game

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 22, 2012 in Videogames |

State of Decay

Weren’t zombie games played out a while ago? At the start of this console generation, the world was experiencing a zombie renaissance, with the previously cult creatures starting to appear all over the place. But a few years back, it seemed like the zombie market was over-saturated. Zombies were just getting tossed in anything, showing up even in unexpected games like Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption. There have been less zombie games lately, since anyone not experiencing zombie burnout is playing DayZ or The Walking Dead, but that won’t stop Microsoft from tossing another zombie game out there!

State of Decay is the new name of what used to be called Class3, an open-world zombie survival game being developed by Undead Labs. This third-person action game features online co-op, but not in a Left 4 Dead way. This game is about fortifying your position while making raids for supplies. So, more zombie survival.

Microsoft is planning to release State of Decay on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, but it’s worth noting that Microsoft also just released a zombie game, albeit a sidescroller, on Xbox Live Arcade less than a month ago, so it’s hard to get excited about yet one more zombie game to add to the pile. How about turning all the zombies into mummies? It’s time to start a new craze, and State of Decay could be a forerunner. Plus, mummies basically just require a graphical change, since Undead Labs could use the same shambling animations! Call me, Microsoft, I’ve got a million great ideas.

Source: Kotaku

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