Nintendo Grows Your Pokemon Collection With A Free Keldeo

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The Pokémon train keeps rolling, with Nintendo releasing the first numbered sequels in the series this fall, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. However, no matter how diligent fans were at catching them all in the original Black and White, there is no way they actually managed to catch all the Pokémon coded into the games. Why? Because some Pokémon are only distributed at special events, and it’s about time for another one of those!

The latest event Pokémon is Keldeo, a water/fighting-type that is basically the “fourth” member of the Musketeer Trio. Based on characters from Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, three of the Pokémon — Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion — are naturally catchable in the main games. However, Keldeo is only obtainable by bringing your game to Gamestop and receiving the gift wirelessly. The promotion runs from August 27 to October 6 in US Gamestop locations. European gamers will have to visit Game or Gamestation between September 1 and October 11.

Though Keldeo is based on d’Artagnan, the youngest member of the musketeers in the original novel, he shares his brothers’ signature move “Sacred Sword.” However, by trading him to a copy of Black 2 or White 2, players can find a special stone near Floccesy Town that teaches him a unique move called “Secret Sword,” transforming him into his “Resolute Form.” Nintendo claims that all of these bonuses are unique to the sequels, but it’s apparently possible to teach Keldeo “Secret Sword” in the original game if he is taken to the Moor of Icirrus along with the rest of the Musketeer Trio. Regardless, “Resolute Form” is exclusive to the sequels.

As a long-time Pokémon fan, I’ll certainly be getting a Keldeo of my own for my collection. But why isn’t Nintendo giving this out over the internet? And how much longer do we have to wait for the final two secret event Pokémon to be released? Hopefully the release of Black 2 and White 2 will signal another limited event.

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