EA Brings Together Mass Effect Trilogy For November Release

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 27, 2012 in Videogames |

Mass Effect Trilogy

The awesome thing about holding off on buying major trilogies is that you know they’ll be bundled together down the line for cheap. Less than a year after the release of Mass Effect 3, the Mass Effect games are getting that bundle. Mass Effect Trilogy will be available come November 6 on Xbox 360 and PC for only $59.99. The bigger news, however, is that this bundle is eventually coming to PS3.

Though BioWare is the studio that makes Mass Effect, Microsoft published the first game, which meant it locked down the exclusivity and prevented PS3 owners from playing it. EA bought BioWare when they were still working on Mass Effect 2, which was also initially only for Xbox 360 and PC. Under EA, BioWare eventually released a port of Mass Effect 2 for PS3, but the only way for those gamers to catch up on the story from the first game and make some important decisions was through an interactive comic that recapped the first game’s events.

For whatever reason, EA now seems to be able to publish the first game on PS3. The first game will also be available separately as a PSN download, presumably for those who already own the second and third games. I already own the collector’s editions of all three games on Xbox 360, so I’ll be keeping my copy, but I highly recommend that anyone who has missed out so far pick up the series. Even if the last ten minutes are astoundingly horrible, it’s an incredibly engaging experience that has stuck with me. Mass Effect Trilogy belongs in any modern gamer’s collection.

Well, except Wii U owners, I suppose. EA expects them to pay $59.99 just for Mass Effect 3 on November 18. Bummer.

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