Latest Persona 4 Golden Trailer Shows Off New Features

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 10, 2012 in Videogames |

Persona 4 Golden

Though it still doesn’t have the broad name recognition of Final Fantasy here in the US, Atlus’s Persona series has risen to prominence among gamers who have been searching for new, meaty games this generation, which has seen a dearth of quality JRPGs. While Persona 3 laid reinvented the series and proved popular, it was Persona 4 that exploded in popularity, leading to an anime and tons of spin-off material. Soon, Persona 4 will get a port for PlayStation Vita with lots of new content.

In the latest trailer, Atlus shows off what they’ve added to Persona 4 Golden, which releases on November 20 in North America. A new social link has been added for Marie, while there are new attacks and personas for the party. You can explore more parts of Okina City, and there are new events to participate in, like visiting the beach or hitting the slopes in winter. Plus, there are more spoken lines of dialogue compared to the original PS2 game.

I prefer to get my RPG gaming done on consoles, but this is a very attractive version of a great game. I’d love to see more people pick this up, especially because the Vita needs more good games to bolster its slim library.

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